Snow Depth Charts

Snowy Hydro Snow Depth Chart – 2015 – Snow Depth Charts technical data supplied by Snowy Hydro Limited, Cooma North.

Snow depth readings were carried out at Snowy Hydro Limited sampling course located at Spencers Creek. There are seven sampling points situated at elevation of 1,830 metres.

Snowy Hydro Snow Depth Charts and Calculators

For more information check the Snowy Hydro Snow Depth Calculator. Information can be sourced from the Snowy Hydro Snow Depth Calculator for Spencers Creek, Deep Creek and Three Mile Dam from the current year back to 1954. From the calculator you are also able to compare multiple years.

Snow Depth Charts Disclaimer

Snowy Hydro undertakes snow depth readings as required for operational purposes during the snow season. Updates on their website and on the Snowline Ski Centre website may be made on an irregular basis.

Snowy Hydro supplies this information in good faith for the benefit of the public. The information was accurate at the time of recording. However, Snowy Hydro advises that the information now posted should not be relied upon, and therefore cannot incur liability for any loss or damage to third parties arising from how the information may be interpreted or used.

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